To Dwell in Darkness

by Praetorian

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released June 16, 2010

Rohit Gupta - lead vocals
Max Jacob - lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitar
Andrew Lachs - lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitar
Eddie Carrella - bass guitar
Mike Pascale - drums, percussion
Dana Lengel - keyboards, piano, synth

Music by Praetorian

Lyrics by Rohit Gupta, except "Fallacy" by Frank Torre and "Slain" by Max Jacob

Produced, mixed, mastered, and engineered by Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte at Killingsworth Recording Co., May-June 2010



all rights reserved


Praetorian New York, New York

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Track Name: Enticing the Serpent
I am the sun that never rose
And brought darkness to all
The death of humankind
An imminent threat to all

Bow down before me
For you shall worship and suffer
Bow down before me
For you shall serve and wither

The bringer of doom
But you will hold me up high
Until I've cut off your arms
And drunk your blood dry

My black wings cast you down
to the nothingness from which you came
Let the false hope lead your way
Searching for all that should have been

For you die another worthless slave
For I live, live on forever
To haunt and rot until
You die laying in your bed

I await the war!
Track Name: Hands of Kali
Black suns, red earths
Eastern winds become western rains
Lost in the light, but found in darkness
Only variations of death exist

Each god unsatisfied with their own
Even more with the others
Stubbornness defeats us all
Unwilling to change, but wanting to progress
Contradictions of defiance

"Curse you all," they scream
"Observe and obey!"
Disciples becoming immortals
Immortals becoming suicidal
Suicidals becoming icons

You gave me a world of lies
In return I hand you a world of pain.
Gods trading their own creations
but always receive the same.

Silent with fire, creation of doom
I lack the pity for all of you fools.
I steal all of their creations
Just to hear the gods cry
And the people laugh

Holding them in the palm of my hand
And fire in the other
I set them all ablaze
Laugh now humans,
See what happens to you now

The symphony of gods crying
The melody of people screaming
"But why," I ask,"Why?"
"Why care if all they die?
They challenged your authority."

The gods stared blankly dumbfounded
Thinking as to why.
Why the sorrow towards their subjects
"We thought we could correct them"
How wrong they were
Stubbornness defeats us all
Track Name: Black Despair
"Enter with cruelty in mind.
Take it out on the failure inside."
Says the entrance to the foyer
Splendor soiled within

Run from the Sun
With no correspondence in mind
Say farewell to thee
Heroes of might and valor

Murals of binges and orgies across the walls
Frequent deviant debauchery
Including kings and whores alike
And slaves in coitus with queens

War be far too not
Life until be done
Guarding the sun too bright
Bring unto me done

Veiled in black
But still ablaze,
Luminous thoughts still adrift
For the queen turned empty

Abandoned in the corner
Her holes turned to play
Chained to the pillars of sin
Her crown turned to dust

Passed out from wine and smoke
A large branding on her lower back
Covered in spit and seed,
Will there be daylight no more?

Murals of binges and orgies across the walls
Frequent deviant debauchery
Including kings and whores alike
And slaves in coitus with queens
Track Name: Fallacy
Fallacy, false beliefs instilled within our heads
Killing, murder this is how we're bred.
Dark clouds rise above the hills
Death storms rolling in
Born to die for the empire
The dead rise again

Fallacy! End our lives today
Death's head rising tall
Our rotting corpse decay
Sickness entombed within out thoughts
Slay the innocent, give you hell to pay

Fallacy! Dead arise, Call towards the lines
Die for the empire, satanic storm demise.
Incinerate the enemy, for their fallacy beliefs
Crucify the lights, there shall never be peace

We fight for honor,
Driven by vengeance
With steel on our swords
Blood on our minds, we rise

We will not die
We shall destory
All those who live

We shall arise
Fight towards the end
Crucify the fallacy

Fight till death, dream quietly
When we awake we shall slay the enemy
No mercy shall come
To this swine
Christian blood shall be spilled
Death shall come with this storm
Into the night, we shall prevail

We will not die
We shall destory
All those who live
Crucify the Fallacy
Track Name: Slain
Submerged in purpose, existence burned a hole in my head
A crazed image becomes apparent and sustains itself behind closed eyes
All thoughts are the same skewed belief, a longing for what’s out of reach

Obsessing over nothing, all questions point in the same direction
No sedative can keep me from pushing myself into darkness
My vision is blurring, I’m losing what was once concrete
The moment is clear in sight, there’s nothing left to lose, no one left to save

How can I stay sane
When I’m losing time?
My intent is unclear
I cannot stay here

Submerged in emptiness, I have dug a hole for me in the ground
The absence of light is clearer than ever, the moment is almost in the palm of my hand

How can I believe
What I have covered up?
I know what I must do
The time is almost here

I am slipping into a state of loss through the corner of my mind on which you left your stain. I cannot pull myself out of what I have involuntarily dwelled upon. My skull is broken, and the only medication I can use to keep from ripping myself to pieces with my bare hands is you. I’m trying, but I’m failing. I’m losing, and I’m falling. My dying words hold no penance. I am slain in your name…