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Submerged in purpose, existence burned a hole in my head
A crazed image becomes apparent and sustains itself behind closed eyes
All thoughts are the same skewed belief, a longing for what’s out of reach

Obsessing over nothing, all questions point in the same direction
No sedative can keep me from pushing myself into darkness
My vision is blurring, I’m losing what was once concrete
The moment is clear in sight, there’s nothing left to lose, no one left to save

How can I stay sane
When I’m losing time?
My intent is unclear
I cannot stay here

Submerged in emptiness, I have dug a hole for me in the ground
The absence of light is clearer than ever, the moment is almost in the palm of my hand

How can I believe
What I have covered up?
I know what I must do
The time is almost here

I am slipping into a state of loss through the corner of my mind on which you left your stain. I cannot pull myself out of what I have involuntarily dwelled upon. My skull is broken, and the only medication I can use to keep from ripping myself to pieces with my bare hands is you. I’m trying, but I’m failing. I’m losing, and I’m falling. My dying words hold no penance. I am slain in your name…


from To Dwell in Darkness, released June 16, 2010
Music and lyrics written by Max Jacob



all rights reserved


Praetorian New York, New York

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